Enterprise BlockChain Solutions

Helping you with your enterprise level blockchain needs. Contact us to learn about our Application Development, Consulting & Education services.

EBCS Solutions

We design products and services using Corda as a platform. Our products resolve long unaddressed issues that the largest of companies face every day. We develop services that address trust issues in the blockchain networks. Please contact us for your education needs on basics of blockchain technologies, including Corda, and the opportunities that these new technologies bring to you.


Learn more about efficient blockchain project implementation or training for developers in the finest details of the technology.


Let us help you to evaluate your business for potential use cases and assist you in evaluating different blockchain platforms and solutions to fit your specific blockchain needs.

Blockchain Application Development

We are here to help throughout your whole decentralized application development lifecycle, from idea phase all the way to end user support.

Who We Are

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions was established in 2017 by two former colleagues, Jaana Simula and Chris Miller. Together, we combine years of technology, innovation and FinTech industry knowledge to create new solutions to address inefficiencies that enterprises face every day in their business. We are passionate about the opportunities that blockchain technology brings for enterprises to improve their processes, create visibility, operate securely, reduce costs and create efficiencies. We are partners with R3, using their Corda solution as the platform to our solutions, and look forward to seeing blockchain technology transform the way business is done.