Invitation to Corda Demo

We at Enterprise BlockChain Solutions are committed to building a strong Corda community in DFW area. This prompted us to launch DFW Corda Meetup group. DFW Corda Meetup group brings together the experts and the novices, different industries, and people who want to learn more about Corda Distributed Ledger Technology, and the possibilities of its use in real life scenarios. The inaugural event of DFW Corda Meetup was held last month at ThomsonReuters premises in Carrollton, TX. During the event, participants learned what sets Corda apart from traditional blockchain solutions, and about the basic concepts of Corda. In case your company would like to learn more about Corda, we are here to help and can tailor training specifically for your needs. You can reach us here for further information.

Our next event is going to be very exciting. DFW Corda Meetup members will have the opportunity to witness history: a live demo of one of the world’s first Corda implementations at Finastra. By joining the meetup, you will have an opportunity to see a real life Corda use case. You will get to observe firsthand how blockchain and distributed ledger technology innovation is changing the way business is being done. To sign up for the event, please visit

This is an event you don’t want to miss, so block your calendar for January 11, 2018, and join us to witness history!



About Finastra

Finastra is the third largest Fintech company in the world, leading the way in providing innovative solutions for financial institutions. Their over 9,000 global customers include 48 out of 50 world’s top banks.

About Corda

Corda is a distributed ledger / blockchain platform built together with over 80 world’s largest financial institutions. It is the new operating system for financial markets and other industries