It is my pleasure to introduce Sofia, Enterprise BlockChain Solutions Social Media & Marketing Summer Intern! Sofia is a high performing student at a STEM school, and like her peers, very savvy with the use of social media. Sofia will be conducting social media and marketing research, as well as creating and executing EBCS social media plan. At the end of the summer, she will report what she has learned. Welcome to the team, Sofia!

I started working when I was 13 years old. My first summer job was picking strawberries on a farm “close” to my aunt’s house. I stayed at my aunt’s and every morning, bicycled 8 kilometers (5 miles) to the farm, picked strawberries for a day, and bicycled 8 kilometers back. It was physically so hard that I lasted three entire days. I didn’t particularly like bicycling through the forests before dawn either. Still to this date, I remember how proud I was of my first 300 markkas (about $50 nowadays) that I had earned by myself.

Every summer since the strawberry fields, I worked where ever I could find a job: babysitting, cleaning, inventory counting (yeah it was very manual back in the day!), bartending, working as a cashier at a store, as a receptionist, as well as a transportation operations specialist. Even my Master’s thesis I managed to get a company sponsor for, which is another story by itself. All these experiences, even though sometimes very boring and far from fancy, gave important glimpses into the work life. Now, however, I realize that there was one important opportunity that I had missed growing up. My father never involved me in the operations of running his business. Maybe heavy construction equipment wasn’t exactly the field for girls back in those days, but getting some exposure to running a business overall would have been extremely beneficial for running my own business now.

With my own children, I have taken a different approach. I talk to them about business all the time. About blockchain, why it is important, about the companies out there, about importance of networking, brand and being present on the market, about the tasks I do and people I meet, and why I do the tasks and meet with those people. Maybe one day, they will come across a situation where they remember “This is what Mom meant when she was talking about XYZ, and this is what you can do about it”.

Having my daughter to intern with us gives an opportunity for us to learn, too. The world that the younger generation has grown up in is very different from the one of our generation. The innovations we’ve built have always been a part of their lives, they have grown into creating and adopting new technologies and trends fast. The world has always been connected to the young generation, making them more open to new ideas, other people, cultures and change. By looking at the world through the younger generation’s eyes, it will give us an opportunity to make EBCS a better company in serving our customers and in creating better products.