By now, majority of the people in the software and IT industry probably know the difference between bitcoin and blockchain. However, to be able to make important technology decisions and to implement blockchain solutions, it is important that all stakeholders obtain a deeper level of understanding about the technology and its impacts. Take a look at the three main reasons to train yourself and your organization:

  1. To recognize opportunities and the full extent of benefits that blockchain technology brings. Only with thorough understanding of the technology and its application to real life will you be able to evaluate if the benefits are worth pursuing. You don’t know what you don’t know. And when you don’t know, you’re missing opportunities. Not learning and thus not making decisions will give your competitors an advantage to get ahead of the game.
  2. To avoid costly mistakes when making blockchain platform decisions. Without full understanding of differences among platforms, you can tie yourself up to something that is not the right fit for you and your business partners. The platform needs to be scalable to your needs, adhere to security standards, be sustainable and easy to maintain and operate in the long run, and cost efficient.
  3. To speed up your blockchain project implementation. According to my study earlier 2018, the biggest obstacle in blockchain projects is the lack of skilled people. That slows down the progress of the project as people need to learn the technology and all that goes with the implementation on the fly. This approach easily results in costly implementation errors and wrong decisions that could be easily avoided by dedicating sufficient time to train the entire project team PRIOR to project start, if the team is new to blockchain.

At Enterprise BlockChain Solutions, educating our customers to make the right choices for them is our top priority. Contact us for a blockchain agnostic platform evaluation, or attend our upcoming training classes at Future of Blockchain Conference in Frisco, TX, October 10-11, 2018. Our classes available at the conference:

Corda for Developers

Enterprise BlockChain Solutions is #1 authorized Corda Developer training provider in the world. Our 2-day Corda Developer training class prepares the attendees to develop distributed ledger applications on Corda platform, and to pass the official Certified Corda Developer test by R3. Over 50% of our students have already taken and passed the certification test!

Blockchain for Project Managers and Project Teams

This is an essential class for all blockchain project team members. The class covers the entire blockchain product life cycle from idea to production and support, as well as the details of a blockchain project PMI life cycle from initiation to closing. Participants will gain an understanding of the differences between your normal software project and a blockchain project, and identify things they need to take into account when implementing a blockchain solution to avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes. Attendees of  Blockchain for Project Managers and Project Teams class will be rewarded a Certificate of Completion, immutably recorded on blockchain by Learning Machine.

Register now for our classes, or to schedule a private class with us. Enterprise BlockChain Solutions – world class blockchain training!