You probably saw this tweet from @insideR3 over the weekend announcing free Corda Developer certification on Friday via Shopify.  Here are some key links to documentation and support that will help you achieve certification and introduce you to the fundamentals of Corda.  You don’t need to be a developer, but an understanding will help.  I’ve broken out the links by day, but go with what works for you.

Day 1 – Today

Gathering your materials is always a good place to start.  Head over to and the key concepts page.  There are videos for the majority of the key concept topics – great for watching during downtime.  You can also download the slides for the training material on github.  I highly recommend “New to Corda? Start here!” by Richard Brown, R3’s CTO.  

Day 2 – Tuesday

Ok, you watched some video and read some background.  Let’s see it work!  Search for the quick start page on and setup your environment.  I suggest starting with a clone of the Cordapp Example.  Follow the tutorial to run the sample.  Make some time to read through the introductory whitepaper and if you have time technical whitepaper.

Day 3 – Wednesday

Starting to get the hang of Corda?  Today we’ll do some Cordapp development.  Using the training material from Day 1 and the Cordapp training template – build your own cordapp.  You will develop an IOU application with a state, contracts and flows using test driven development practices.  The comment sections in the test directory are very helpful in re-inforcing the key concepts.  If you get stuck or just want to check your code; the solutions are available on github also.  If you can, join the R3 dev relations team’s Office hours at 9AM or 4PM UK time on Wednesdays.  They will be happy to cover any questions. 

Day 4 – Thursday

Awesome!  You now have a solid understanding of Corda key concepts and have built a cordapp of your own.  A few other resources that will helpful during the exam tomorrow are Corda’s slack channel and Stackoverflow.  I would also recommend the Corda Bootcamp on Youtube for a quick overall review.

Corda Certification Day – Friday

Make sure to register and use the code “january-certification” on Shopify.  Celebrate by posting your badge on social media!

I hope this helped you get started in developing with Corda.  If your organization is moving along the blockchain maturity model Jaana Simula highlighted in this post and you need further support or education to progress your project – get in touch with us at