Having just returned from my first trip to, Manila, the capital of the Philippines I’m compelled to share some of my experience.  As part of the LearnQuest education team, we delivered the Corda-100 course to a group of 100+ future blockchain developers. It was great working with the Blockchain Institute and UnionBank of Philippines Blockchain Center of Excellence who hosted this massive event. We always find it exciting at EBCS to see new developers learning the Corda framework and applying key concepts to their use case ideas.  It’s a humbling experience to see students erupt into applause as they launch their first Cordapp.  I was impressed with their teamwork and positivity throughout the two day course.  UnionBank is building a great foundation of developers to support blockchain use cases across their organization.

Center of Excellence

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions has been privileged to consult and participate in the formation of several Blockchain CoE’s.  We see growing interest in enterprise level businesses to explore how blockchain can improve existing processes and define new business models.  These organizations are leading the evaluation of platform capabilities and the trade-offs between public and private solutions.  Corda’s flexibility really shines in these discussions. Yet, recruiting talented developers who are fluent in the various platforms is a consistent challenge for organizations.  I was speechless when I learned we would be training over 100 recruits in 2 days.  But the attendees definitely lived up to their “Center of Excellence” moniker with their quick application of Corda concepts and detailed questions.

Corda Training Worldwide

The Corda 100 training is great for new and experienced developers to gain a foundation in blockchain, smart-contracts and digital assets. Corda 100 training includes an introduction to Kotlin and test driven design making this a great value for organizations familiarizing developers with new tools. The excitement about the capabilities to ease friction in settlement with Corda has continued to grow as more successful applications and consortia join the Corda Network.  EBCS is adding Kotlin for Corda and Advanced Corda courses to help this growing worldwide network of developers dive deeper into Corda concepts.  We’ve already introduced Corda to developers in some awesome locations including Cairo, London, New York and now Manila.  Would you like to learn more about Corda? There are several public classes available in the near future or you can have us come to you.  For more information contact LearnQuest or get in touch with us.   Maybe we’ll be in your city soon!