Got An Idea?

EBCS Application Development Services Can Make It A Reality!

Do you already have an idea that you want to test out? Let us help you develop a Proof of Concept so that you can be sure that the solution will bring the benefits you desire. After Proof of Concept, we are here to help throughout your whole decentralized application development lifecycle, from idea phase all the way to end user support. We are official partners of R3, the creators of Corda.

Our Application Development Process

We will make your idea take form and support you through every step of the process.

Step 1

Discovery – Together we will go over your challenge at hand, requirements, existing system landscape and organizational change needs.

Step 2

Design – We will design your new blockchain solution and you’ll select a small scope to prototype. We’ll start discussing your future blockchain organization and training needs.

Step 3

Prototype – We’ll create your prototype and together we will test and validate that it fulfills the requirements. Organization change management kicks off at full speed. And MVP is defined.

Step 4

MVP – MVP is developed and deployed to the production environment. Organization is trained and fully operational.

Step 5

Support – EBCS is here to support your application and training requirements, plus deliver more for future needs.