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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is

Essentially the blockchain is a distributed ledger; rather than a record existing in one single location, it’s shared amongst computers all over the world.  And built into that ledger is a consensus mechanism that allows anybody to transact or do business with each other and to trust each other without having to go though a central intermediary.  Like the internet of information, it’s an internet of value.

What Are Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts are computer protocols that facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract, or that obviate the need for a contractual clause. Smart contracts usually also have a user interface and often emulate the logic of contractual clauses.

Any Blockchain Benefits?

Absolutly! Transaction time can be reduced from days to virtually instantaneous. Costs from overhead and intermediaries can be removed. Trust is increased through shared processes and recordkeeping. Reduced risk of fraud and cyber crime. can also be achieved through blockchain solutions.

What is Corda?

Corda is a distributed ledger platform designed and built from the ground up to record, manage and synchronize agreements (legal contracts), designed for use by regulated financial institutions.

What Markets Use Blockchain?

The use cases cover too many markets and solutions to list but the main areas of use are finance, supply chain, medical, real estate and government. Contact us to discuss your company’s needs.

How Do I Learn More About Blockchain?

Contact EBCS today to learn more about blockchain strategy, implementation or application development. EBCS povides live instructor led or virtual training as well as consulting services.

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Corda for Business Leaders

Corda introductory class gives an overview of Corda, a distributed ledger / blockchain platform that was created together with 80 of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world.

Blockchain for Project Managers

This one day advanced class dives into the challenges of successfully managing blockchain projects and implementations, and helps create a good framework for your blockchain project from the beginning.

Corda for Developers

Corda training is an intensive, structured two-day course for developers that will provide developers with the key skills necessary to develop financial grade distributed applications on the Corda platform.

Blockchain Basics

This one day class  adrresses the fundamentals of blockchain, how it works, the different platforms, where blockchain can be used, and what kind of challenges and opportunities blockchain brings.