DevOps for Corda Training

This DevOps for Corda Training course is designed to provide students with the ability to provide continuous integration and deployment practices for Corda Distributed Applications.  This course covers best practices, monitoring and deployment of cordapps.  Corda is a blockchain solution developed in collaboration with 70 financial institutions by R3.  


Upon completion of the DevOps for Corda Training course, students will be:

  • Provided the key skills to deploy and manage cordapps on Corda Networks


Developers and Development Operations


Intermediate programming ability in Java or similar. No prior knowledge of distributed ledger technologies or blockchains is assumed.


Corda Networks

Build & Deploy Corda Nodes

Corda Cloud Provider Considerations

Node Security

Cordapp Deployment

Integration Testing Practices

Kotlin Scripting


Monitoring & Reporting

Vault Management


Laptop, Chrome browser (with ability to install plugins).

Chris Miller


Extensive experience working with high-profile clients, including Fortune 50 companies across multiple industries. Excels in communicating complex ideas across all levels of organizations and technical backgrounds. Avid technologist with interest in convergence of future technologies enabled by blockchain based solutions.

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