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We provide blockchain training that fits your company’s journey on blockchain roadmap, whether you are just starting to get familiar with the concepts, looking to train your project teams in efficient blockchain project implementation, or developers in the finest details of the technology. Schedule us for an onsite training, or check out our Events page for the next public training opportunity!


Are you already familiar with the basics of blockchain, but not yet sure if and how it could benefit you and your company? Let us help you to evaluate your business for potential use cases, create business cases, develop your blockchain strategy, and assist you in evaluating different blockchain platforms and solutions to fit your specific blockchain needs.

Blockchain Application Development

Do you already have an idea that you want to test out? Let us help you develop a Proof of Concept so that you can be sure that the solution will bring the benefits you desire. After Proof of Concept, we are here to help throughout your whole decentralized application development lifecycle, from idea phase all the way to end user support. We are official partners of R3, the creators of Corda.

Abiko Intercompany

Nearly all finance organizations in large corporations struggle with their intercompany processes. Finance teams are burdened with manual processes and even excel sheets. Despite the huge amount of manual work that is on a monthly basis poured into figuring out intercompany balances, corporations remain in the dark, reporting significant out of balance positions.

It does not have to be that way. With blockchain, companies can automate the entire intercompany process from the order entry to the payment. Sounds unbelievable? Schedule a call with us to see how our Abiko Intercompany does that!



Reduced Disputes & Discrepancies



Automated Netting & Settlements

Real Time Balances


Corda Developer Training

Course Overview

This two day technical Corda developer training equips your Engineering organization with the basics how to design and develop distributed ledger applications, CorDApps on Corda. Corda is a distributed ledger / blockchain platform that was created together with 80 of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world, and the engine to build smart contracts that fit your business and its needs.

Target Audience

This is a technical training designed to give developers and architects a solid starting point in understanding and developing CorDApps.

Blockchain Design Innovation Workshops for Industries

Course Overview

This one day non-technical workshop starts with a high level overview of blockchain technology and it’s benefits, followed by typical blockchain implementation challenges and how the technology can be applied to real life scenarios. Industry specific use cases presented during the workshop work as a foundation for an interactive blockchain ideation and design sessions, where instructors guide you through a high level design for your own scenario. Workshops now available for Insurance, Banking & Finance, Supply Chain, Real Estate, and more.

Target Audience

Companies looking to discover competitive advantage and disrupt the market with new and innovative solutions. This workshop is a great way to find out what others are doing in your industry and discover the possibilities that blockchain technology brings.

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World-Class Training

Corda for Business Leaders


Course Overview

This four hour Corda introductory class gives an overview of Corda, a distributed ledger / blockchain platform that was created together with 80 of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world. Corda is the engine to build CorDApp smart contracts that can fit any business and its needs.

Target Audience

This non-technical course is designed for business executives, innovation leaders, and members of product management and engineering organizations, who are investigating leveraging blockchain technologies to make their business more competitive.

Blockchain for Project Managers

Course Overview

This one day advanced class dives into the challenges of successfully managing blockchain projects and implementations, and helps creating a good framework for your blockchain project from the beginning.

Target Audience

Project Managers, Product Managers, Product Owners, Development Managers, Business Analysts.

Blockchain Basics

Course Overview

This one day Blockchain Basics class goes through the fundamentals of what’s needed to understand blockchain, how it works, what are the different platforms, where blockchain can be used, and what kind of challenges and opportunities blockchain brings.

Target Audience

Blockchain Basics is a must for any organization that is starting their journey on blockchain strategy, planning or implementation, or an individual that is interested in learning the basics. 

Our Application Development Process

We will make your idea take form and support you through every step of the process.

Step 1

Discovery – Together we will go over your challenge at hand, requirements, existing system landscape and organizational change needs.

Step 2

Design – We will design your new blockchain solution and you’ll select a small scope to prototype. We’ll start discussing your future blockchain organization and training needs.

Step 3

Prototype – We’ll create your prototype and together we will test and validate that it fulfills the requirements. Organization change management kicks off at full speed. And MVP is defined.

Step 4

MVP – MVP is developed and deployed to the production environment. Organization is trained and fully operational.

Step 5

Support – EBCS is here to support your application and training requirements, plus deliver more for future needs.

EBCS Consulting Services

We help your company recognize and realize blockchain benefits, and find the competitive advantage and efficiencies that will put your company ahead of others. Our blockchain experts will help you navigate through selecting the right blockchain use case, help you create and validate your business case, and evaluate different blockchain platforms. Whether you’re looking to create new products or making your existing systems work seamlessly together through blockchain, we’re here to help you find the right solution.

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