BlockChain for Project Managers and Project Teams – Class

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This 1 day advanced non-technical Blockchain Project Management class dives into the challenges of successfully managing blockchain projects and implementations, and helps creating a good framework for your project from the beginning. This is an essential class for your executives, Product Management and Development Organizations, project teams and stakeholders when you’re planning on your first blockchain project.


Project Managers and Project Teams


What is blockchain?
How blockchain works.
Key blockchain concepts.
Do you need blockchain?
Choosing the right blockchain platform.
How are blockchain projects different?
Biggest challenges in blockchain projects.
Key success factors in blockchain projects.
Planning your blockchain project.
Project governance model.
Stakeholder management and new stakeholder groups.
Importance of customer feedback.
Technical considerations during implementation.
Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as a way to finance your blockchain project.

Jaana Simula


Jaana Simula is Co-Founder of Enterprise BlockChain Solution. She has over 20 years of experience in all roles of a software development project, and holds PMP and CSM certifications. Jaana is a blockchain thought leader and presented her research on successful blockchain project management at UTD Project Management Symposium in May 2018.

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