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We provide blockchain training that fits your company’s journey on blockchain roadmap, whether you are just starting to get familiar with the concepts, looking to train your project teams in efficient blockchain project implementation, or developers in the finest details of the technology. Schedule us for an onsite training, or sign up for our newsletter to hear about the next public training opportunity!

Corda Developer Training

This two day technical Corda developer training equips your Engineering organization with the basics how to design and develop distributed ledger applications, CorDApps on Corda.

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Kotlin for Corda Training

This Kotlin for Corda Training course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the Kotlin programming language and its use in Corda.  The curriculum covers data types, functions and object oriented programming practices using Kotlin.

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BlockChain for Project Managers

This 1 day advanced non-technical class dives into the challenges of successfully managing blockchain projects and implementations, and helps create a good framework for your project from the beginning.

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Corda for Business Leaders

This 4 hr. non-technical course is designed for business executives, innovation leaders, and members of product management and engineering organizations, who are investigating leveraging blockchain technologies to make their business more competitive.

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Advanced Corda Training

This Advanced Corda Developer Training course builds on Corda for Developers to include advanced topics in design and deployment of Cordapps.

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DevOpps for Corda Training

This course is designed to provide students with the ability to provide continuous integration and deployment practices for Corda Distributed Applications.  This course covers best practices, monitoring and deployment of cordapps.

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Blockchain Basics Training

This one day class goes through the fundamentals of what’s needed to understand blockchain, how it works, what are the different platforms, where blockchain can be used, and what kind of challenges and opportunities blockchain brings.

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Blockchain Design Innovation Workshops for Industries

This 1 day non-technical workshop is a great way to find out what others are doing in your industry and discover the possibilities that blockchain technology brings to disrupt the market with new and innovative solutions.

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